My Favorite Online Shopping Sites

I haven’t always been an online shopper. I loved browsing, digging and scouring the racks for killer deals. I found a sense of accomplishment in finding designer duds at killer prices, but I had to feel my purchases. I needed that immediate tangible gratification.

::Enter life::

Work., marriage and motherhood makes “poking around” (as I like to call it) nearly impossible, but I like to see the silver lining in things. Sleepless nights with a newborn have allowed me to appreciate a new craft – online shopping.

I’ve had bad experiences (side-eyeing the sites with spammy Facebook ads…you know who you are). I’ve had great experiences (free next-day shipping, drone delivery – wha!?). I’ve had a moment to make a list of requirements that make a great online shop. In my opinion a site mus have: affordable and/or competitively priced goods, a wide variety of products on a user-friendly searchable platform, speedy shipping & easy returns…and those that take PayPal touch get brownie points!


Current faves on rotation:


Odds & Ends


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