I’m Lauren – wife, friend, and self-proclaimed biz dev geek with a wandering eye for style. I’m also “mom” to a french bulldog named Pancake – the little nugget responsible for bringing my husband and I together 5 years ago (Pancake + 2, get it?). Herein you’ll find snippets of my life as a newlywed – balancing work, play, family & the creative spirit. I hate to toss a category on it, but my ramblings will highlight all things lifestyle.

If you’re anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with fashion, beauty & the bustle of city living. Through the rat-race, I’ve found myself circling back to quaint New England roots. To the place that I “ran away” from after college. The place that instilled in me the certain values (and aesthetics) I see shaping my very much urban life.

What to expect; pictures, lots of pictures…and maybe a video here and there. If you love style, great. If you love makeup, awesome! If you want to hear about successes (and failures), trails (and tribulations), or if you’re simply seeking out food, decor or travel inspiration then, “welcome”.